Partners & Press

  • Burly Beverages

    Our collaboration with Burley Beverages for our outstanding Root Beer and Ginger Ale Kits is something we're truly proud of. Not only are they an absolute delight to work with, but their imaginative shrubs and syrups are setting new standards in the industry.

  • Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

    As a key element of our remarkable Espresso Spice Rub, Chocolate Fish espresso beans play a significant role. With downtown, East Sac, and Land Park locations, they are a well-known fixture in the Sacramento community.

  • Refill Madness

    Refill Madness is an eco-conscious small business that encourages consumers to adopt sustainable practices through the promotion of reusable containers and environmentally friendly home cleaning products.

  • Tiferet by the park

    Embark on a sensory journey with Tiferet by the Park's house-made specialty drinks, enhanced by the addition of our carefully chosen spices. Delight in their signature house iced tea, infused with a tantalizing blend of our favorite warming spices.

  • V. Miller Meats

    We have established a partnership with East Sac's renowned specialty butcher, V. Miller Meats, for our celebrated Espresso Spice Rub. They are highly regarded for their commitment to providing the freshest and most sustainably sourced meats available.

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In the Press

10 Great Holiday Gifts You Can Only Find In The Sacramento Area

Published by KCRA-3

"Allspicery is the brainchild of Heather Wong, who after being frustrated with the scarcity of ethnic spices in Sacramento, decided to open her own shop."


Allergies Got You Down? Try The Allspicery's “Sactown Allergy Tea” For Some Relief

Published by Submerge Magazine

"Even with the little spell of rain we had last week, it is still full-on allergy season in the Northern California area right now. Near our office in Midtown, piles of pollen and dust are gathering on the sides of the streets and on the sidewalks."


Spicing Up Sacramento

Published by Sacramento Magazine

"Food is what it really comes down to. Every time my husband and I travel (which is almost never these days now that we have a daughter), we immediately search for a local dish that we like and try to replicate it in our own kitchen."


A Life of Spice

Published by Comstock Magazine

"With more than 200 spices, salts and seasonings in stock at downtown’s new Allspicery, variety isn’t just the spice of life."


New one-stop spice shop to open in downtown Sacramento

Published by Sactown Magazine

"With Allspicery set to open in Sacramento this spring, there will be no need to go to Scarborough Fair (or anywhere else) for parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme."