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Pollen Ranch Hog Heaven Spice Blend

Pollen Ranch Hog Heaven Spice Blend

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Your pork and chicken will never be the same when they’re encrusted in this warm and toasty herb and seasoning blend. Crushed pecans give a nutty flavor and cumin adds a touch of savory smoke that goes perfectly with any pork or poultry dish. Light citrus tones brighten and balance the flavor of this warmly aromatic blend. Add a dash to your chicken and dumplings to add depth or roll pork tenderloin in it before roasting for a mellow spiciness that compliments the tender pork exquisitely. Nutty, flavorful and delectable, this will be your "go to" seasoning for poultry or pork.

Ingredients:  Fennel Pollen, Pecan flour, Chervil, Fleur de Sel, Pasilla Pepper, Cumin, Annatto, Lemon Peel.

1 oz tin

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